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Meet Troy!

June 17, 2015

Meet Troy, he’s a 19 year old apprentice shop fitter who loves his job and looks forward to an

exciting career. He also enjoys playing footy and big high intensity workouts at the gym.

However in February Troy injured his lower back at work. This complicated injury put Troy into

restricted duties at work, and also meant he had to suspend his footy and weights.


Rebecca our Physiotherapist acutely treated the injury decreasing the inflammation and muscle tightness.

Then in April Troy was ready to commence his exercise physiology with Tom. Having 6 weeks away

from weights and footy, Troy was really keen to get back into the gym and commence his physical

conditioning rehabilitation.


Firstly Tom prescribed Troy exercises to build core and glute strength, and showed him how to integrate these into his regular gym program.

Being able to exercise again, especially at a high intensity was really satisfying for Troy and gave hope that he would recover from his injury.


Once Troy built a sound level of strength in these areas he was ready to start playing footy again,

and return to full duties at work. We still meet once a week for exercise physiology and Troy is on his

way to a full recovery!