Safe and Healthy Professionals

Safe and Healthy People work with general practitioners to make life long changes to every patient who enters our clinics. Injury, illness and chronic disease require our multidisciplinary team to educate, motivate and change patients life for the better.

We are a passionate allied health care team who use research based solutions to help your patients achieve their health goals. University qualified, medicare compliant and we make the difference to your patients health.


We make a positive health change to every patient that we meet. Our allied health team work together to form health care plans for your patients; Whether its fixing an injury, developing an exercise plan, modifying a patients diet or helping a patient develop a new lifestyle, we take the time to listen to every person we see.

“We know of no single intervention with greater promise than physical exercise to reduce the risk of virtually all chronic diseases simultaneously” – Booth et al, Journal of Applied Physiology 2000.


Education: To make lasting changes to peoples health its our job to make sure patients understand their condition and take ownership of their health. We guarantee every patient leaves our clinics knowing more about their condition and what they need to do to fix it.

Treatment: University qualified Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, and Dieticians use research based methods and a collaborative approach to make lasting changes to patients health.

Follow up: The only chronic disease specialists who provide follow up support to every patient. Online education, exercise videos, communication and a purpose built rehabilitation gym that will make the difference to chronic disease and injuries.

GP Care plans?

Any patient with a ‘chronic medical condition’ should have access to our allied health staff to develop a plan to make a change.

A ‘chronic medical condition’ is one that has been or is likely to be present for at least six months. Whether a patient is eligible for CDM services is a clinical judgement for the GP, taking into account the patient’s medical condition and care needs. Don’t wait till its too late to develop a Team Care arrangement for your patients, their health is in your hands.

Safe & Healthy Professionals

Actual patient examples

Alice is a 40 yr old mother of 4, her GP has noticed over the last few years she has put on weight, has started taking cholesterol medications, and has a BSL of 7.5mmol/L. Her GP referred her to Safe and Healthy People under a TCA plan.

Alice now undertakes her home based exercise routines on a daily basis, her BSL is stable at 5.4mmol/L and she has lost over 10kg with changes to her diet and lifestyle routines.

Joe is a 65yr old retired plumber who was encouraged to visit his GP for a check up. After some bloods and talking to the patient his GP decided to refer him to us under a TCA plan. Why?

  • Joe has had back pain for > 12 months (Chronic)
  • Joe is on high cholesterol and high blood pressure medications
  • Joe currently does not undertake regular physical activity

Joe now undertakes exercise 5 times a week, has changed his diet, has reduced his medication use under instruction with his GP and his back pain has now disappeared.

Ross was a heavy smoker and currently is overweight, has hypertension and cannot exercise due to SOB. His Doctor referred him to Safe and Healthy People under a TCA plan due to his emphysema.

Ross after some inspiratory muscle training and a graded exercise plan Ross has increased his quality of life and reduced his risk of furthering his chronic state.