To empower someone with the knowledge to help change their life is a gift I take extremely seriously. I find the human body fascinating and I enjoy meeting new and colourful personalities everyday. No two patients are ever present the same, just as no two treatments are never repeated. Life isnt dull, so neither should your job be!
Emmy-Rose Curtis, SnH Practicioner
I had high cholesterol and bad lungs, Safe and Healthy helped me reduce my breathlessness when I was doing my daily chores. Now I am going on a holiday and loving life again, but it was a commitment I had to make
Carol Fletcher, Patient
Dr Haikerwal, how do you use Exercise Physiology as a service to your patients?

<strong>Reply:</strong> Safe and Healthy’s Exercise Physiologists provide services in the area of exercise as a treatment for physical rehabilitation and as a strategy for disease prevention and part of a plan to establish and sustain functional independence.
Dr Sonu Haikerwal, Practice Owner And lead Doctor
The Safe and Healthy team are friendly, vibrant, approachable, well trained, very knowledgeable and are great role models for our patients. It’s been a pleasure to work with the team and any issues that have arisen have been dealt with promptly and amicably.
Raj Haikerwal, Practice Manager & Business Development manage
We have had great feedback from patients stating the relief they felt to be seeing someone who actually makes a difference to their condition and listens to their story.
Ashlee King, Practice Nurse
I have worked closely with the team at Safe and Healthy People for 2 years as part of a multidisciplinary team for patients at our practice and Nursing home patients.

Their professional approach and positive attitude benefits our patients both physically and mentally and they have achieved some fantastic results.
Sheryl Kitto, Practice Nurse
I now write Active Scripts for my patients to lose weight, reduce meal sizes and start to exercise. Patients are making lifestyle changes and Safe and Healthy help me do this.
Dr. Farhad AzadZamany, Clinic Owner and Operator
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